Three Reasons Your Forklift Battery Has Failed

Whether you use your forklift in a warehouse or around a construction site, it undoubtedly plays a critical role in overall production. When you fail to care for the forklift battery correctly, this can completely immobilize the machine and leave you in a panic. Make sure you know what factors can contribute to a battery failure so that you can avoid them.

Inaccurate Hydrometer Levels

When charging a forklift battery, a normal part of this process includes checking the hydrometer reading. All battery manufacturers have a suggested range in which this reading should occur. Even if your battery isn't showing any noticeable signs of failure, an inaccurate meter reading is an indication that the electrolyte solution that helps power the battery, isn't performing correctly.

In many instances, this is a prelude to battery failure that could occur in a short period of time or not for quite a while. This unpredictability is what makes this problem so critical. Should you notice an inaccurate reading, have the battery serviced promptly.

Failure To Water

One of the factors that makes forklift batteries unique is the fact that they require watering, a process where water is inserted into the battery chamber to moisten the cells. This process should occur each time the battery has been completely charged and has had time to cool off.

When this watering practice doesn't occur regularly, this can cause the cells to dry out. Dried out battery cells will result in permanent damage to the cells, but more importantly, it can cause permanent damage to the entire battery. If your battery has abruptly stopped working, this could be the cause.

Discharging Too Low

Another thing can cause damage to your forklift battery is improper discharge. Most batteries will have a preset discharge level at which you need to recharge the battery. If you ignore this and allow the battery to deplete lower than this level, you can cause damage.

Follow this practice regularly and you can minimize the efficiency level at which the battery can hold its charge and you can also shorten the overall life of the battery. In some cases, it can also cause the battery to overheat, which won't only cause battery failure, but it can also cause damage to nearby components like the motor.

If your battery is failing, a heavy equipment repair specialist such as Florida TRUCK & Trailer CO can diagnose the malfunction and repair the problem so that you can get your forklift moving again.