Getting Auto Body Repair After A Collision

Were you left with a damaged auto body after wrecking into another vehicle? Were you at fault in the collision and solely responsible for making repairs to your vehicle? All you have to do is take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop for damages to be fixed on your behalf. It is likely that your auto insurance policy will financially cover all or most of the repairs that are made. This article explains some of the things that might be done at an auto body shop to repair your wrecked vehicle:

1. Replace or Repair Damaged Bumpers

If any of your bumpers were damaged during the collision, they can be replaced at an auto body repair shop. A technician will first determine if the bumper can be repaired so you won't have to purchase a new one. For example, if the metal was slightly bent and the bumper is hanging off of your vehicle, repairs can likely be made. The metal will be straightened out and the bumper will be secured to the vehicle. If a new bumper is needed, it can be ordered on your behalf, unless there is one already handy at the auto body repair shop.

2. Fix Cracked & Chipped Windows

The windows are commonly damaged during a collision, and sometimes to the extent of needing to be replaced. A technician at an auto body repair shop can examine all of the windows to determine what kind of repairs are necessary. If there are chips in the glass, it is possible that they will only need to be filled in. The reason why is because chips can actually lead to cracks if they are not repaired. If there are large cracks in the windshield or any other window, replacements will likely be needed.

3. Get Rid of Dents in the Metal Body

If the collision left the body of your vehicle with dents, they can easily be removed at an auto body repair shop. Damaged paint will also be replaced when the dents are removed. The removal process might involve welding studs to the metal to pull the dents out. The studs will be removed when they are no longer needed, and the metal will be smoothed out to prepare it for paint. In a severe case of damage to the metal body, new parts will have to be installed to bring the vehicle back to a satisfactory condition.