5 Reasons To Choose Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an option for any type of dent that doesn't crease your car's body panels or damage the paint. If your car is a candidate for PDR, then there are also a few other benefits you can enjoy.

1. Saves Time

Traditional auto body repairs can mean leaving your car in the shop for days, or even weeks, depending on the type of damage. This isn't the case with PDR, which can typically be completed in a few hours for just a couple of dents. In most instances, you will get your car back the same day. There are even mobile PDR technicians who may be able to travel to your location to perform the repair.

2. Cost Effective

There can be quite a lot of savings with PDR since your car isn't taking up a bay at the shop for long, nor does it require expensive tools and extra paint for repairs. In fact, it is the least expensive way to fix dents on your vehicle. Even better, many insurance policies will cover these dent repairs as long as body damage is covered in your policy. Ask your repair shop if they direct bill insurance or if you must request reimbursement.

3. No Paint Matching

One challenge when fixing dents with body fillers and similar techniques is matching the paint. Even if the stock color is used, it may not blend perfectly because the paint on the rest of the car has faded slightly over time. The only way to get a perfect match is to repaint the entire car, which takes longer and increases the cost. With paintless repair, there are no concerns about paint matching. 

4. Eco Friendly

Opting for PDR is the best choice when it comes to the environment since it produces less waste and pollutants. Automotive paints and the byproducts from cleaning and sanding down body panels can be toxic. The fewer times you have to use the products to repair your car, the better it is for the environment. Further, it saves body panels so they don't have to be replaced, which also means less waste.

5. Maintain Value

Any type of repair to your vehicle can lower the value, especially major repairs that show up on vehicle history reports. Hail damage, minor accidents, and shopping cart dings can all leave dents without compromising the vehicle, but they will lower the value if a reportable repair is done. PDR isn't typically considered the type of repair that requires reporting, so opting for paintless repairs will maintain your car's value.

Contact a paintless dent repair auto shop, such as Golden Touch PDR LLC., to find out if your car is a good candidate for the procedure.