Car Restoration: Tips On Picking The Right Vehicle

If you have decided to look for a classic car to restore as a hobby, you may wonder if you are getting a good deal or not when it comes time to make the sales transaction. Since classic cars are several decades old, finding one will most likely be done through a private seller. You will need to be diligent on inspecting vehicles for any signs of wear that may hinder you from a successful restoration.

Here are a few tips to use when searching for the perfect classic car restoration project:

Look For Value Retention

Do your homework before going out to buy a car to restore. Opt for a vehicle that will be considered valuable after you fix it up. The vehicle may cost a little more initially, but after it has been repaired and painted it will bring in substantially more money should you decide to sell it down the road.

Make Sure Parts Exist

While rare vehicles are valuable after restored, you need to be sure the parts will be available to get them back to pristine condition. If there is a parts shortage on a particular model you may need to abort your restoration project completely. If you do find parts you need, they may be extremely costly. 

Check The Engine

Pick a vehicle that runs. Purchasing a vehicle that has been sitting around in non-running condition is risky as you will have no idea what problems could be causing it not to start. You may luck out and only need to replace a battery or starter, or you may be searching for an entire engine. Rather than take that chance, decide on a vehicle you are sure will be roadworthy without doing detective work.

Look For Rust

Do not buy a vehicle that has excessive rusting unless you are prepared to do the work involved in replacing complete panels of metal. This will include sand blasting and welding and will consist of a lot of extra work to get the vehicle back to its original condition. Look underneath the vehicle for any worn portions that may be a hazard to the frame. 

Enlist Some Help

Ask a friend to come along with you when you inspect a vehicle as a restoration prospect. Having someone knowledgeable in mechanics and auto body work will be a big plus when it comes time to make a price offer. Ask your regular mechanic if they know of an expert in the field that would be willing to take a look at potential vehicles with you. Many classic car enthusiasts will be happy to help a new person get started.

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