RV Body Damage after a Collision: Why You Should Get the Windshield Fixed

Did you get into a collision that left the body of your RV damaged? You may want to take your RV to an auto body repair shop as soon as possible, especially if your windshield was damaged in the collision. Find out below why a prompt auto body repair is in your best interest and what a mechanic might charge to help.

Is it Dangerous to Drive an RV with Body Damage from a Collision?

Driving an RV that has a lot of dents in it from a collision is not dangerous. However, dents can make it hard for the doors and trunk to open, so getting them removed is in your best interest. The most dangerous aspect of driving an RV that has been in a collision is not getting a broken windshield repaired. The windshield is the most important part of an auto body because it is in place for more than simply keeping rain and objects out.

You must understand that a windshield can be helpful in the event that you get into another collision when it comes to your safety. The windshield must be in a good condition because it can decrease the amount of impact that you feel in a collision by sending most of the force into the chassis. You will feel a lot of the impact inside of the RV if the windshield is cracked.

You will also have more protection in a rollover accident if you get the cracked windshield in your RV repaired. The windshield can prevent the hood of your RV from getting completely crushed in a rollover collision. If the cracks in your windshield are long and deep, you will be better off with getting it replaced with new glass than simply getting the cracks fixed.

What Does It Cost to Get the Windshield Replaced in an RV?

The make and model of your RV will play a role in how much an auto body specialist will charge to replace the windshield. It costs $100 plus on average to replace a windshield. However, you can end up paying $500 plus if you have a windshield that is rare and hard to replace. Paying for a new windshield is worth the investment no matter how much money you have to pay, as it is for your own safety. Call an auto shop like Central Body Co Inc to get your RV body repaired as soon as possible!