Just A Few Ways Collision Repair Is More Than Just Cosmetic

Whether you have been in a major car accident or a simple fender-bender, there is probably going to be some type of collision repair required. While there may be mechanical damage that needs to be fixed for the vehicle to operate, there is also going to be body repair needed. Sometimes, this body repair has a direct impact on its safety or on how the automobile runs. This is why it is always important to have an auto body shop look over the vehicle after a crash. In fact, the mechanic may tell you that you need to have some body work done before they can complete the mechanical repairs. Here are just a few times body collision repair is more than just cosmetic.

Bent Frame

You should always have the frame of the car inspected after it has been in any type of accident. A bent frame may cause the car to pull to the side while driving, may make it difficult to turn properly, may keep doors from closing properly, and could very well cause the frame to break if it is hit again. Sometimes the damage is not noticeable unless you know what you are looking for. A bent frame may also make it difficult for the mechanic to fix things inside the car, meaning it will not operate correctly. A bent frame is both a safety and operational problem.


A small opening can let rain into the car where it shouldn't be. Sometimes the openings are due to holes from a collision, a bent door, or a cracked window. The leak may not pose a big problem in the beginning, but water getting into a head or tail light may prevent them from working. This would be a safety issue when driving at night. Water could even damage other electrical components, keeping the car from functioning efficiently. Leaks into the interior of the vehicle will damage the upholstery and dash. 

Doors That Won't Close Right

Damage to a car door can prevent it from opening or closing correctly. This could be a serious safety issue if the door were to suddenly fling open while driving down the road. Even if everyone is wearing a seat belt, the open door could have items in the car flying around due to the influx of air inside. Items may hit the driver or passengers causing injury, or could block the driver's view. 

Don't ignore body collision repair in an attempt to save a bit of money. The money you save could end up costing you more if you get into another accident due to the previous damage.