Preparing For Hail Damage Repair To Your Car

Hail is a fact of life in many areas of the country, and while small hail can be a mere annoyance, moderate to large hail can be very damaging to everything from plants to cars to people. It can be disastrous for cars left out, unprotected, but not everyone has time to get to their cars to put cardboard or covers on before hail hits. If your car has been damaged by hail, you should get that damage fixed as soon as you can to prevent additional issues like rust on the paint where hail chipped off the clear coat. The repairs need to start with some planning, however.

Have the Car Towed in if Windows Are Broken

If any of the windows in your car are broken or cracked from the hail, have the car towed in. If the only glass damage is a minor chip, then maybe you can drive it in, but if there is broken glass in the car, you don't want to get inside. And if the glass is cracked, the jolts from bumpy roads could cause the cracks to get worse, which is not something you want to see as you drive. Even if the glass doesn't suddenly fail on you as you drive, the sights and sounds can be worrisome.

Ask About Paintless Dent Repairs

Your insurance should pay for repairs, but it's always good to check about ways to save money. Paintless dent repairs may help in that respect if the dents are shallow enough; these are faster in terms of time, too, especially as they don't require repainting. If you need your car back quickly, paintless dent repairs would be a good option if the shop offers those. Keep in mind that after a bad hailstorm, there will be many other drivers trying to get repairs done as well, so you may have to wait a bit anyway.

Ask Specifically About Glass Removal

When you arrange to bring your car in, ask the repair shop about two issues regarding glass. One, if there's no glass damage, ask them to double-check each window and windshield to be sure. You don't want to miss hidden damage that's right by the edge of a window, for example. Two, if there is glass damage and some of the glass has broken and fallen into the car's passenger compartment, ask about glass cleanup and if there is anything you should do after they are done. Small slivers of glass can work their way into upholstery or pile up along seams, and you want to be sure the shop can remove all those. You also want to know what protective measures you may need to take in the days after the repair in case tiny bits of glass continue to show up. The shop will do its best to get all of them, of course, but in this case, you can't be too careful.

Depending on where you live, hail damage could be a recurring issue, so it really helps to find a great repair shop that you can return to. The thorough care that the repair techs give your car helps ensure that it remains safe to drive throughout the year no matter how many hail storms occur.

For more tips, reach out to a hail damage repair service near you.