Three Reasons Your Forklift Battery Has Failed

Whether you use your forklift in a warehouse or around a construction site, it undoubtedly plays a critical role in overall production. When you fail to care for the forklift battery correctly, this can completely immobilize the machine and leave you in a panic. Make sure you know what factors can contribute to a battery failure so that you can avoid them. Inaccurate Hydrometer Levels When charging a forklift battery, a normal part of this process includes checking the hydrometer reading. [Read More]

The Dos And Don'ts Of Cleaning A Vinyl Wrapped Vehicle

Vinyl wrapping is a great way to market and advertise your business or even show your love for your favorite sports team. However, this is only the case if your wrap looks great. Knowing the dos and don'ts of washing a vinyl wrapped vehicle is a great way to ensure your wrap looks its best. Thoroughly Dry Your Vehicle Make it a point to thoroughly dry your vehicle after exposure to moisture. [Read More]

How To Fix Minor Scratches On A Car

A scratch on the side of the car can look unattractive and draw the attention to it. Over time if not dealt with properly a scratch can eventually turn into a rust spot and continue to spread throughout the rest of the body of the car. Fixing a minor scratch on your car is relatively easy and can be done at home with simple rubbing compound, rags, and soap and water. [Read More]

RV Body Damage after a Collision: Why You Should Get the Windshield Fixed

Did you get into a collision that left the body of your RV damaged? You may want to take your RV to an auto body repair shop as soon as possible, especially if your windshield was damaged in the collision. Find out below why a prompt auto body repair is in your best interest and what a mechanic might charge to help. Is it Dangerous to Drive an RV with Body Damage from a Collision? [Read More]