2 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Just Paint Over Rusted Areas on Your Car's Body

While looking at your older car, you may have noticed a few areas on the body that have started to rust. Because the rust is detracting from the overall appearance of your vehicle, you may want to try to simply paint over the areas to hide the corrosion. However, there are a couple of reasons why you shouldn't just apply paint over the rust on your car's body. 1.  Paint Will Bubble and Peel Sooner [Read More]

Preparing For Hail Damage Repair To Your Car

Hail is a fact of life in many areas of the country, and while small hail can be a mere annoyance, moderate to large hail can be very damaging to everything from plants to cars to people. It can be disastrous for cars left out, unprotected, but not everyone has time to get to their cars to put cardboard or covers on before hail hits. If your car has been damaged by hail, you should get that damage fixed as soon as you can to prevent additional issues like rust on the paint where hail chipped off the clear coat. [Read More]

Just A Few Ways Collision Repair Is More Than Just Cosmetic

Whether you have been in a major car accident or a simple fender-bender, there is probably going to be some type of collision repair required. While there may be mechanical damage that needs to be fixed for the vehicle to operate, there is also going to be body repair needed. Sometimes, this body repair has a direct impact on its safety or on how the automobile runs. This is why it is always important to have an auto body shop look over the vehicle after a crash. [Read More]

Why You Might Want To Add A Vehicle Wrap On Your Business Vehicles

As the owner of a business, large or small, you will want to make sure that you are always taking advantage of ways to improve things. After all, the better your business is, the more people will come to you. Of course, people can't even give your business a shot if they do not know that it exists. So you may want to consider the option of adding vehicle wraps to all of your company vehicles. [Read More]